The energy side of filtration

The energy side of filtration

Cleaning air from air pollution requires energy and therefore contributes to CO2 emissions related to energy production. The considerable power appetite of heating and ventilation systems can be reduced by installing Camfil filters, which have the least air flow resistance and cut energy usage. This simple measure helps commercial, industrial and public buildings to shrink their carbon footprint while improving IAQ.

Camfil’s air filtration pioneers have pursued the ambition to develop energy-efficient solutions that benefit the operations of customers globally, using life-cycle thinking for solution design and life-cycle costing methodology and tools. However, in today’s era of climate change, the circumstances that create opportunities for the air filtration business unfortunately pose dilemmas for decision-makers. Which path should they prioritize – the protection of people’s health or the reduction of carbon emissions?

What is most important in the long term: the economic and social impact of air pollution on human health or stopping climate change? The answer might lie somewhere inbetween and Camfil Farr’s products can make the difference to find a sustainable balance.


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