Measuring the eco-efficiency of our operations

“Doing good” is a long-term commitment and sustainability initiatives need time to mature before a company can reap the full benefits of organizational efforts. Our resource efficiency programmes are constantly fine-tuned to ensure their continuing success and progress.

Experts in our Camfilcairing Network share best practices in a forum that allows global benchmarking. Successful and tested best practices are gradually rolled out within the entire Group, enhancing the power of teamwork, a fundamental core value of Camfil.  

Additional progress was made on several fronts during 2013:

Our plants are more energy-efficient

Compared to the benchmark year of 2007, energy consumption in general was 31% lower in 2013, while the energy efficiency index of our manufacturing plants improved by 54%.

Camfil’s ongoing sustainability programmes are also contributing significantly to controlling energy costs within operations, which helps increase the Group’s profitability. Several factories have reached the ISO50001 energy management certification. Camfil was first company to be certified for Energy management in UK, Malaysia and Slovakia. Several buildings deep renovation and investments in energy efficient equipment sustain improvement over time.  

Reduced water consumtion
Regarding water consumption, the overall volume decreased by 25% between 2007 and 2013 (albeit with overages in 2008 and 2009). Process efficiency, along with user vigilance to ensure careful use of scarce resources in some regions, has improved by 41%, despite higher production volumes in Group plants.

Less waste
In 2013, waste was significantly reduced, compared by 5% to 2007, despite production volume increase over time. This is confirmed by 11% improvement of the Group’s waste-efficiency index. Productivity improvements were completed by better practices for waste sorting and recycling. However, better practices at manufacturing facilities allowed us to increase our waste recycling from 30% in 2007 to 44% in 2013, reducing landfill waste.


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